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1954 Episode of "The Pinky Lee Show" (Classic TV)

Published 1954

1954 episode of "The Pinky Lee Show", a kids program. Very fast-paced.

Run time Approx 29 Minutes
Production Company Lawrence White Productions
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: CWO-Lister - - January 18, 2014
Subject: TPLS
There are many out there watching this video having fond memories recalled - I'm just not one of them. That's not quite true - it brings back bad ones. That said, I am thankful to see it now as an adult to understand why this is. I was probably a bit too analytical as a child and I needed to understand "why". Being the type of program that it was, there was little time for the child to process it or have it explained. Either you found the lunacy exciting in its own right or you didn't. I didn't. Still a great look back so 4-Stars.
Reviewer: Nat Segaloff - - May 6, 2012
Subject: The "incident"
In 1955 Pincus Leff (a.k.a. Pinky Lee), a former burlesque comic, suffered what legend has ascribed as a heart attack on live TV and collapsed. According to a corrective interview with Lee in Gary Grossman's superb book "Saturday Morning TV," he insists he collapsed from exhaustion and an infection caused by a nasal drip, and fully recovered. Lee was the bane of New York Times columnist Jack Gould as well as parents who thought his hyperkinetic style of entertaining would affect his young viewers. Instead, it gave them (us) memories.
Reviewer: Earlon - - February 21, 2010
Subject: A catalog site for Classic TV shows
If you like Classic TV from of the 50's, there is a catalog site that makes it easy to watch episodes streaming from at:

There are currently over 400 individual episodes of about 30 different programs, and the site is growing day by day. Check it out!
Reviewer: flatdisk - - June 5, 2009
Subject: Where's Pinky?
Loved this show as a kid and it's still fun 50+ years later. Just wanted to answer the question of what ever happened to Pinky: he lived well into his 80's (1907-1993), bless his heart! You can get the story here: - Big thanks to whoever uploaded this one!
Reviewer: drdee51 - - January 26, 2009
Subject: Good Stuff
What the producers and performers of this show where thinking was to have an entertaining show for children. Pinky Lee was a former burlesque comic and I have to admire his energy and ability to keep the show moving along! I think it was nice of them to gift children of a children's hospital (not an orphanage) with a doll that was popular with children at the time. I cannot find anything "surreal" about this show and cannot imagine how anyone could unless they simply fail to understand this was a life television show, something the current knockleheads doing TV have no idea how to do, performed on a stage designed for children with a live audience of children.
Reviewer: RickyDee - - November 1, 2008
Subject: Memories from the 50's
I had not seen this show since the 1950's. I have wondered what ever happened to him. I was about 6 years old when the show was on TV in 1955. It came on about 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon and Howdy Doody came on right after it. I remember sneeking up from afternoon naps to watch it and getting caught one time by my grtandmother. How times have changed, it wouldn't even get on the air these days.
Reviewer: Classic_TV_and_Radio_Fan - - October 28, 2008
Subject: Well??

I honestly think it's better than "I Love Lucy".
Reviewer: Karltonthedoorman - - October 25, 2008
Subject: The Pinky Lee Show
Fast paced is an understatement. I would use the word frantic. As a side note, should they really be donating a crying doll to an orphanage ?
Reviewer: Greg Carmack - - October 25, 2008
Subject: Not for the Weak of Heart
Words can not do justice to this bizarre artifact. Make sure to watch the whole thing--it is utterly surreal. It strains the imagination to fathom the intentions of those who produced this thing. What were they thinking?
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